See what we do in daytime...

See what we do in daytime...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jump Into Life

What to say of someone who just got to know you, but joined your crazy project of leaving town to get into some dirty road in the middle of the sugarcane plantations outside the city to try to reach that particular spot you saw in the satellite image? A common friend joining in the last minute only adds to the thrill, and I didn´t expect any less from my hometown men…
Thank you guys.
These are fast changing times in  a fast changing region. Centuries-old sugarcane plantations and so far virtually untouched mangrove areas have been giving room to a shipyard, an oil refinery, a growing harbour and many new industries, roads and countless services associated. No landscape seems to be taken for granted anymore as it was the case for our parents, grandparents and so on. Let´s enjoy it, while we can.
More images form our night out will be here in the coming weeks.
Happy 2012!

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